Marching Excellence

“The Johnson Band’s appearances at regional and national competitions have produced a powerful response from audiences and judges alike, garnering applause and admiration for its full-throated, rich sound, its imaginative and inspiring presentations, and the high energy and intensity of its young performers.”  
Artistic Director, Drum Corps International & Design Director, Fred J. Miller Inc.

CTJ Marching Excellence 

CTJ's 2014 Bands of America trophies Entering its 10th season, the Claudia Taylor Johnson High School Marching Band has grown to nearly 300 band members and state and national prominence as one of the finest marching bands — establishing a reputation for quality, innovation, and excitement. In addition to its full slate of Bands of America and Texas University Interscholastic League (UIL) competitions in 2016, Johnson made its first trip since 2011 to the BOA Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, Ind., making its second Grand National finals appearance.

Each season brings a new and different challenge, but as each season's results demonstrate, Claudia Taylor Johnson has become a consistent finalist, caption winner, and championship contender in competition.

In 2016, Johnson was named a finalist in all four Bands of America competitions on its schedule. And
at the 2016 Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional, Johnson's fourth-place finish gave it six consecutive top-five finishes in that event — the only school to accomplish that feat!

In fact, Johnson had a streak of 13 consecutive top-five finishes in BOA regionals or super regionals, including three championships, since the beginning of the 2012 marching season through the 2016 BOA San Antonio Super Regional.

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2017 Season The Forest Through the Trees

CTJ Marching Season 2016

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2014 CTJ Marching Season

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