CTJ Student Leadership

We are happy to announce our 2020-21 Student Leadership Team. Congratulations to our new class of leaders!

2020-21 CTJ Band Leadership

Drum Major:
Kadence Koehl, 12
Drum Major, Associate: Joshua Kraly, 12
Drum Major, Assistant: Preston Payne, 12
Drum Major, Junior: Aidan Souder, 11
Drum Major, Junior: Kaitlyn Hawkins, 11
Drum Major, Junior: Matthew Blackwell, 11

Captain, Woodwinds - Jake Glaser (Bb Clarinet)
Captain, Woodwinds - Brenna Mitchell (Bass Clarinet)
Captain, Woodwinds - Hondo San Miguel (Saxophone)

First Lieutenant, Flute - Hailey Hickerson
First Lieutenant, Flute - Jake Troop
Second Lieutenant, Flute - Kelsey Peters
Staff Sergeant, Flute - Alex Quetzeri

First Lieutenant, Bb Clarinet
- Marisa Gonzalez
Second Lieutenant, Bb Clarinet - Lexi Liebhardt

First Lieutenant, Double Reeds
- Bella Perez

First Lieutenant, Alto Saxophone - A.R. Garnica
First Lieutenant, Alto/Low Saxophone - Addison Meek
First Lieutenant, Low Saxophone - Matheus Lucian
Second Lieutenant, Alto Saxophone - Sebastian Becerra
Second Lieutenant, Alto Saxophone - Zak Largent
Staff Sergeant, Alto Saxophone - Joseph Long
Staff Sergeant, Alto Saxophone - Mateo Rodriguez

Captain, Percussion - Dylan Castellanos
Captain, Percussion - Kayla Baird
First Lieutenant, Front Ensemble - Sara Vilera
First Lieutenant, Tenors - Drake Truan
First Lieutenant, Bass - Ella Fortenberry
Second Lieutenant, Snare - Cameron Leal

Captain, Brass - Adam Angelico (Horn)
Captain, Brass - Tommy Brennan (Baritone/Trombone)
Captain, Brass - Robert Mullen (Tuba)

First Lieutenant, Trumpet - Nadia Fiscal
First Lieutenant, Trumpet - Angel Flores
Second Lieutenant, Trumpet - Diego Camacho
Second Lieutenant, Trumpet - Randall Forrester
Second Lieutenant, Trumpet - Carson Payne
Staff Sergeant, Trumpet - Rolando Perez

First Lieutenant, Horn - Catherine Chambers
First Lieutenant, Horn - Brenden Listiak
Second Lieutenant, Horn - Cameryn Waskow
Second Lieutenant, Horn - Riley Clewett

First Lieutenant, Trombone - Dylan Davidson
Second Lieutenant, Trombone - Kenny Packard

First Lieutenant, Baritone
- Katie Rheney
First Lieutenant, Baritone - Cade Saylors
Second Lieutenant, Baritone - Ashlyn Swain

First Lieutenant, Tuba - Marvin Domingo
Second Lieutenant, Tuba - Aidan Guyett

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