Administrative Staff

Amanda Weber - Administrative Assistant
Jodie Ann Rhodes - Administrative Assistant
Jacob Sturdevant - Operations Manager
Karmen Chavez - Accounts Manager

Middle School Vertical Alignment Team

Bernard Rosenberg - Director of Bands, Frank Tejeda Middle School
Shawna Lien - Associate Director of Bands, Frank Tejeda Middle School

Kim Rosenberg Director of Bands, David Lee “Tex” Hill Middle School
Charles Agueros - Associate Director of Bands, David Lee “Tex” Hill Middle School

Johnson High School Design Team 

Jarrett Lipman - Musical Program Coordinator 
Keith Potter - Visual Program Coordinator
Darryl Pemberton - Visual Designer 
Carol Brittin Chambers  - Wind Arranger 
Christopher Conrad Isenhour    -  Movement & Choreography Instructor
Curtis Uhlemann - Choreographer & Programming Consultant 
Kris Hartman - Battery Arranger 
Jordan Stern - Front Ensemble Arranger
Rob Lozano - Front Ensemble & Electronics Arranger
Katie Hopkins - Movement Designer 
Alan Sharps -Electronics Designer
Geoff Schoefel - Electronics Designer
Jodie Rhodes - Programming Consultant
Mark Chambers -Programming Consultant
Al Chez - Programming Consultant

Instructional Staff 

Kris Hartman - Battery Percussion Director & Percussion Instructor 6-12 
Aaron Barnes - Visual Caption Manager 
Ivan Cordova - Lead Visual Instructor
Courtney Kirkwood - Lead Percussion Instructor
Gabe Prado - Lead Color guard Instructor 
Bernard Rosenberg - Visual Instructor
Curtis Uhlemann -  Movement & Choreography Instructor
Christopher Conrad Isenhour  - Movement & Choreography Instructor  
Gino Cipriani - Music Consultant & Instructor  
Mark Koehl - Music Consultant & Brass Specialist
Jason Buckingham  - Music Consultant & Brass Specialist
Emily Gurwitz - Music Consultant & Woodwind Specialist 
April Perrine  - Color guard Instructor  
Katie Hopkins - Choreography Consultant
Melahn Nguyen Color guard Instructor
Yairas Nieves-Marquez - Color guard Instructor 
Vicky Watson - Percussion Instructor
Russel Watson - Percussion Instructor
Evan Jose - Percussion Instructor

Specialists and Clinicians

Mr. Tom Bennett  - Band Clinician 
Mr. Joe Dixon - Band Clinician & Masterclass Instructor
Mr. Philip May - Music Consultant & Masterclass Instructor
Mr. Gino Cipriani - Band Clinician
Dr. Tim Rhea  - Band Clinician 
Mr. Mike Brashear - Band Clinician 
Professor James Keene - Band Clinician
Professor John Benzer  - Band Clinician 
Professor Beth Bronk - Band Clinician
Mr. Billy Harrell - Band Clinician & Region 12 Executive Secretary
Mrs. Bev Harrell - Region 12 Administrative Assistant
Ms. Bev Frittelli - Masterclass Instructor
Ms. Emily Gurwitz - Masterclass Instructor
Mr. Keith Witt - Masterclass Instructor
Mr. Marc Lumley  - Masterclass Instructor
Mr. Mark Rogers - Masterclass Instructor
Mr. Michael Woods - Masterclass Instructor

Our Foundation

Parent Information

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Join the CTJ 25-200 Club

The 25/200 Club is an EASY way to financially support the Johnson Band on a monthly basis! Here is how it works: 200 people giving at least $25 a month! That would provide the band $300 per year, per person OR $60,000 per year if 200 people sign up! $60,000 per year will go a LONG WAY in supporting the Johnson Band! EVERY dollar raised goes directly back to the band program!

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Shop Amazon Smile for CTJ

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